Welcoming neighbours to Kensington Palace | Community Access Scheme

Knowledge is power for me, every time I
come here I see something different I learn something new. I feel like I’m
privileged to be here It’s important that local communities take part in what goes on in the palace because it helps them to understand it’s an integral
part of their lives and that we are not a separate body but
we are all one community The Community Access Scheme is a programme for people who live work or study local to all of our palaces that enables them to come in
for free or for discounted entry to explore and uncover our stories and make sense
of them in a relevant and meaningful way Every time I’m with groups
I see the stories in a fresh way they help me just open my eyes to the world – they walk into the room and they say, wow you know I never knew existed
and these are places that right on the doorstep and they walk past
hundreds of times and just never felt that they were for them The palace is
very important to the community because of the facilities here, it’s a beautiful
setting, you have the park fresh air, beautiful garden – it’s
fantastic you know bringing us all together in a forum like this One wouldn’t otherwise meet various people that have been in The thing about
this community access group is that I think it’s a great scheme because first
they introduce people who have never been to museums or to any place
like this to come to this place and to be close to their heritage first. They
want to come over and over again because every time they come it feels like their
first time It’s something like bringing history to life so this is why we enjoy
being here I feel this belongs to me it It belongs to us

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