What does “community” mean? | Students Answer

♩ A place where you can come home, you can study, you can relax, you can have a genuine connection and friendships with the people in the area. And most importantly, you feel safe learning who you are, and then growing into who you want to be. I feel like it’s really important to find the people that really make you feel at home on campus, because sometimes, it’s hard to find your space and your spot, but once you build your own different community on campus, then you feel like a part, you finally feel like you’re part of AU’s community. So to me, community means a space where I feel welcomed and I feel included. A group of people who come together for a common purpose. Community to me is kind of like your chosen family at school, so it could either mean, you know, who you live with on your floor or it’s who you’ve chosen to surround yourself with, but it’s a very important in a college setting in general because that’s, this is where you become a real person, so your community helps establish that.

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