What is community Service leave?

What is community service leave? There are two types of community service leave that employees in Australia can take. They can take time off from work for jury service or if they are a volunteer
to help during an emergency or natural disaster. During an emergency all employees who are members of a
recognised emergency management body like a state emergency service or a
rural fire fighting service can take leave to volunteer during
emergencies or natural disasters. Employees don’t have to be paid by their
employer for this leave. For jury service, all employees can take leave to attend both jury selection and jury duty. Full-time and part-time employees are
eligible to be paid by their employer for up to 10 days of this leave but
under some state and territory laws they might get more than 10 days. Courts usually make payments to people on jury duty, so when this happens the employer only
has to top up their pay so that employees get the base pay rate for the ordinary hours they would have worked in that period. Casual employees are not
entitled to be paid by their employers the community service leave. Community service leave can be taken for the whole time the employee is undertaking the
activity and any reasonable rest and travel time. Employees have to give their employer notice that they need to take community
service leave and evidence if asked. For more information visit www.fairwork.gov.au/leave


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