What is Hades? (Starter Guide)

hello guys and welcome so in this video
I wanted to answer the question, what is Hades this videos ain’t the people who
know nothing about Hades but I’ve always been curious hopefully ourselves a good
starter guide for you. So Hades was developed by Supergiant Games and it was
released on early access on Epic Game Store in December 2018 it has since come
to other platforms. The game did really well and it was one of actually the
first games that really saw of bog notice on Epic Games store so it was
originally announced during the gamer wars 2018 now this game follows Zagreus
you can see running around on the screen on his way to escape the underworld he
is the son of Hades though it’s based on Greek mythology and the what they’ve
said about the game is is that each of the rooms which you’re fighting through
are predetermined the enemies are predetermined but the order that they
appear in is random so no to run throughs of the game are gonna be the
same but your goal is simply to escape the underworld every time you die you
just respawn as well as you already in the underworld you’re already in the
undead realm so yeah and as you can see it’s of isometric angle and you’re you
have different abilities you have a special attack you can do magic you can
do many things now what I’m going to do is as per usual
I’m going to link the official website through this trailer to the Wikipedia
page and so on in the description below I’ve always been really interested in
look of this game because unfortunately I’ve had a chance yet to play it because
simply I cover too many games but Hades definitely has caught my attention
noclip did a fantastic review and insight with the supergiant developers
into the development of the game the release of the game everything that went
with it the challenges they had and so on so I’m also going to link to that in
the description as well very interesting to watch because I like to see the
developer’s point of view when they make games like this and it’s based on Greek
mythology like I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology ever since
I was studying classical studies in primary school and many games have
covered it you know God of War has covered it while the games have covered
Greek mythology there’s so many to list so Disney has confidence’ it’s like I
think most people know who Hades is so simply you are playing Hades Sun Agrius
that’s what you need to know for this game so yeah and the Olympians like Zeus
and all the other Olympians are actually trying to help Zagreus to complete his
mission because what he’s trying to do is not just escape the underworld but
then eventually to get to Mount Olympus so the Olympians along the way try and
help you out in achieving your goal but of course ATS is gonna do everything he
can to stop you escape simple as that so the Olympians grant him gifts and
special abilities and so on it’s just basically an excuse for increased
abilities increased attacks and so on and you yourself need to just be able to
dodge the attacks do the skills and so on so yeah so that’s it for Hades have
you played this game are you interested have you always been fascinated in it
I’ve always been so we check out Hades it looks really really cool I think a
lot of people who have actually played it have told me that they really enjoyed
it so yeah so I wanted to do a what is
video for that’s it for this video if you liked it
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