What is mandarin slang words

You may know that there’re many slang words in English but do you know that there’re many slang words in Chinese too? (mandarin slang words) What is slang? What is slang? Do you know any slang word in Chinese? Hmm… well today I’m gonna tell you what is slang But before that, you’ll have to subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell notification. down there.. Ok back to the topic, slang is an informal language, usually used in informal situations. Slang is something we never use in the textbooks, and the teachers they don’t teach you. But don’t worry, in the future, i’ll teach you more and more chinese slang. BTW, if you haven’t check out my 666 video. The link is right there. in the upper right corner. That’s also a video about slang. Why should you learn Chinese slang? The answer is if you know some slang words in Chinese, such as proverbs, and idioms. You would definitely sounds more like a native Chinese speaker. they would think you are interesting, they would want to get to know you. Because You can understand what people are saying. So If you study a little slang in Chinese you can integrate to this language and also the culture completely Think about it .One day if you come to China and maybe you’re going to some places a party or you go study abroad in China. well let’s say your Chinese is good You are able to communicate with other in Chinese. No problem But there’s one thing that youbnever realize is that , when you communicate with people normally they will use some very very simple word to communicate with you. Like They will talk with you in a very formal way And there’s nothing wrong with it. But I mean… it’s not same way When we talk to other native Chinese speakers. It’s like a wall blocking you, you couldn’t catch the word. you don’t know what they saying. When people is using slang. for another example, let’s say you’re in a classroom You are a student. Somehow You find that although you can communicate with your Chinese friends in Chinese and you can understand every single word they said.But when they turned around to talk to other friends, Chinese and chinese. Both are native Chinese speaker Now You’ll realized that you cannot understand anything. you just can’t catch the word you don’t get what it mean. see? maybe they’re using slang, proverbs, or maybe idioms Because you never heard about this. It’s not in the textbook, and the teacher won’t tell you this. Ok today we just talking about slang. So I won’t go too deep for idioms or proverbs. ok? just for slang. OK remember that Speaking is mostly informal. We’re not at the meeting! When do you use slang? I believe that any language in this world has its own slang and their speaking style. For Chinese slang we use a lot of slang when we texting, speaking, or even writing. (informal one). It could be a blog, an article, or news and Whatever.. etc. We use a lot of slang words for emoji and stickers when we texting. Such as this this this ….do you know wei xin? Just so you know, wei xin is an app for text messaging. In English we called wechat. Well, You probably have heard about it. We also use a lot of slang on facebook for stickers… as you can see here….this this.. Ok that’s a example! How to use Chinese slang? Ok for this part Please look forward to my upcoming video. Because I’ll make more of the Chinese slang from now on! Okay, guys that’s it for today, so right now you know what slang is. So guys if you like this video ,make sure you subscribe to this channel and give this video a big thumb’s up .Because I‘’ll teach you lots of slang word in Chinese. and.. i want to know hmm.. do you know any slang word in Chinese? And what is it? Write a comment below. And,Thanks… ok alright see ya in the next video bye bye! Thank you for watching my “What is mandarin slang words” hope this one helps


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