What is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? (Starter Guide)

hello guys and welcome so in this video
I wanted to answer the question what is the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time this
video is aimed at people who know nothing about Ocarina of Time but have
always been curious in the background of the video I’m gonna be showing the
trailer for the 3ds version of the game now this game originally came out in
November 1988 on the Nintendo 64 development of the games died in 1995 so
we’re talking way back maybe even before some of the viewers watching this video
were even born now basically this game the reason why it has such a reputation
and people and most gamers who played at the time loved this game so much is
because really with all the gameplay mechanics introduced in the game and the
exploring and so on it was in my opinion 20 years ahead of its time it introduced
so many new ideas that even at all today different games are trying to coffee on
the success of what was introduced in Ocarina of Time now since then I have
played many other Zelda games are played winwaker i played Skyward Sword I played
breadth the water and so on but this game still stands out for me as the
greatest Elder game of all time and it is my favorite game of all time full
stop I like it more than even Final Fantasy games I like it more than any
franchise is this game specifically now the reason why that I like it so much is
because the everything you’re doing essentially as per typical in the Zelda
game is to save Zelda and to save the kingdom of Hyrule but along the way
there were twists and turns and there’s a lot of exploration it takes you to a
whole variety of different areas and it really introduced the idea not really
open well but big expansive really world that you could explore with your horse
to get from one place to the other and there was always hidden secrets along
the way and so on now I won’t go too much into the story of the game but what
I’m gonna do as per always with this what is series I’m gonna link in the
description to the official website to the Wikipedia page and any interesting
videos along the way I’ll also be updating all the time if I find anything
other interesting things about it I will also update the description and link to
it now this game as well I have been desperately hoping and praying that
Nintendo will release a Remus or remake of this game on the Nintendo switch
because I promise you if this game comes out on Nintendo’s switch and I am still
doing this I will make I will do a full playthrough of the game
I’ll even collect all the hundreds culture lers the hidden secrets in the
game everything because it really was the defining game or all of gaming for
me in my youth and like I said I still remember it until now so now when it
comes to a game like this which has got such a high expectation the problem is
it’s easy for me to oversell it so all I will say to you is basically this game
was at the time back in 1998 was basically one of the best games ever and
it still is some people still regards ocarina of time the best game ever made
and I remember at the time to give me some insight is that I am I didn’t I
couldn’t afford to buy it cuz I’ve ever dealt twelve I’d have money but my
friend was trying to buy it and he was calling around all these different shops
saying can I get it can I get it and basically they laughed at him almost
literally like it was sold out was basically impossible to get if you
didn’t preorder I always used to dream as well of having the gold like
collector’s edition cartridge of the game and I sometimes had browse on eBay
and I see that when people sell them but obviously for hundreds and hundreds of
pounds now also as well with this game is that the Nintendo 64 I really do
believe is one of the best consoles of all time because you had Mario 64 which
define platforming or the 3d space which like elevated Mario from a 2d game to a
freed a 3d game successfully he also had Goldeneye 64 which people
still speedrun until today but the the generation Nintendo 64 was unbelievable
and then this was in my opinion the best game on it so it’s like it’s like the
best of the best of this game so along the way basically
guys you also receive a ocarina and you can learn different melodies and songs
which you need to progress throughout the game and those tunes by Zelda’s
Lullaby and a bonus song and all these other songs
the longer storms are so on they still like echo in my my brain you know like
if I want to sound poetic though and I think it I’m sure they does for a lot of
other people the music was fantastic everything about this game is fantastic
graphics at the time was amazing music was amazing gameplay was amazing
everything was amazing so it would be regarded at a 10 out of 10 game
obviously by today’s standards obviously the graphics you know better aged but
even then then considering how old this game is the graphics are not that bad so
if this was for example a mobile game the graphics would actually be pretty
good so yeah so what can I say guys I could not carry on this what is series
without mentioning what is my favorite game of all time which is the Legend of
Zelda Ocarina of Time I had to make this video and we will see in the future if
Nintendo ever do anything else with this game if they remake it or remaster it
for Nintendo 64 for sorry for the Nintendo switch cuz that would be my
absolute dream so as I say guys I’m gonna link as much useful information
into the description down below if you weren’t even alive at the time when this
game came out know that this game exists know what potentially you’re in for if
you ever play this game if you find a way to play it and why I cannot
emphasize enough how great this game is at the time just remember remember its
age and remember what it was like for us as gamers
back in the late nineties to have suddenly have a game like this by in
front of us okay guys so that’s all I can say I’ll
probably regret what I’ve said in this video I want to say a hell of a lot more
later but for now of that wall that will do so anyway guys that’s it for this
video thank you for watching if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up
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