Women in Politics with Anne Moses and IGNITE on FOX5 D.C.

record number of women are expressing interesting seeking office all the way from Senator the governor to state legislatures while the first time candidates say they're fueled by frustration over the Trump administration and recent wins in the home states according to political action groups for women like ignite 114 women won races recently but women are still underrepresented in political leadership and only make up 20% of Congress 25 percent of state legislators 12 percent of Governors and 22 percent of Mayors and Moses president and founder of ignite joins us via Skype and we know you just recently wrapped up a conference that encourages politically ambitious young women to run for office tell us about that tell us a little bit more about ignite hi thank you so much for having me well ignite is building a national movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders these are young women from across the country who are politically ambitious they're not quite sure how to proceed they want to fix and address what they perceive to be the problems in their communities and in the country and we're there to teach them how to do it and get them going on their path to political leadership you know a lot of people were looking at looking at the election of 2016 a lot of people who are motivated by Hillary Clinton I think that goes without saying when you look at the the political ideology across the spectrum I mean you see mostly Democratic women are you seeing conservative women coming out of the woodwork as well I mean 501 C 3 so we're actually not screening or asking our young women what their political ideology is or what party they belong to some of our girls are actually younger than voting age right so we we train at school and sometimes even middle school and then in college and grad school and young professionals and so we don't ask them sometimes they offer and I can tell you that I've observed but more more than not I would say what we see with young people is that they may or may not ascribe to a political party they have views on a variety of issues and those views don't necessarily break on straight ahead ideological lines and what are some of those issues that are motivating these young women well we just had a conference here in DC for a hundred and fifty a college and grad school women and young professionals from across the country these young women represented 26 states and the issues were across the board we had young women who are interested in cybersecurity we had young women who are interested in military issues we had young women who are interested in international affairs we have young women who were interested in education and health care and so on right I mean I think there's a popular perception that women tend to care about the you know the kind of softer more feminine they're feminine but the more stereotypically feminine issues right education health care child care but really that's just not the case young women care about all kinds of issues they're interested in a variety of things and they demonstrate leadership skills around all of these issues that's excellent hey and a quick question for you for full of young ladies or folks watching right now how can they find you to learn more about your organization um you can find us online at WWE alright and Moses president and founder of ignite thanks so much for sharing your perspective I personally like the idea that more women are getting involved in politics thanks for joining us thank you

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