Youth Enrichment Program (YEP!) Feature | Waubonsee Community College

[MUSIC] My name is Caleb, and I’m 13 years old.>>My name is Gavin,
and I’m ten years old.>>I think the best part of YEP camp
is kids from anywhere can come to the YEP camp and try out different things
that they’ve never tried before and see if they like them.>>The teachers are really nice,
and they let us do some stuff and we can do a lot of cool things in YEP.>>What Caleb and I like most about the
YEP program is it gives him opportunities that he wouldn’t have other places. He was able to use the TV
studio last week in a program, which he would never have the opportunity
to do that anywhere else. So it’s been very exciting and
different and rewarding for him.>>I think what makes us wanna come back
next year, and the reason we’ve come back three summers now, is just
the convenience of the campus location. The ability to have him
in classes all day and the variety of classes that he has that
is definitely sparking his interest. So things that he loves
to do when he’s at home, he actually gets to have application
while he’s here over the summer.>>I’d wanna come back next year because
the possibilities are kinda endless, we’re free to make up whatever we want. Next thing, if I choose 3D video gamer, I have the choice to make a different
game about something else.>>I learned how to program, do different science, and have fun. [MUSIC]

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