YOUTUBE ADALAH ; Community bukan TV

Youtube is community and not Television Hi my dear friends and family I hope you enjoyed the montage that we put together The music is created by my brilliant artist/composer and producer he is my love/my man, And father of our children and in this channel all the music will be originally composed and produced and he even tunes his instruments to A 432 Hz We will do a segment on that on his show called The O-zone I would love to say thank you to everyone who helped me to collect my old pictures from baby to my teenage years So as we know Koepu-Koepu (Butterfly) represents the never-ending cycle of life; that’s what my show is all about…. And as you can see in the previous video how I transformed from a girl living in a secluded far away land with all the limitations and social traps and beliefs to be able to persevere and spread her wings towards the light So here is what you can expect from this channel 1. Metamorphosis 2. Alternate Perspectives 3. In The Pursuit Of Higher Consciousness Here are some examples : Metamorphosis… From being sick all the time to never being sick for the last 5 years From having skin like a cheese grater to becoming normal healthy skin Alternate Perspectives… With travel and research, attention to history and observing the current trends this gives me the ability to form an opinion based on current facts and science thereby providing different perspectives and theories. In The Pursuit Of Higher Consciousness… If I have to explain the importance of this to anyone so maybe this show is not for you. OR Maybe you need to watch this show more than anyone? I will make occasionally vlog style videos so we can get to know each other better and we can grow together, I see this platform as community and I welcome you to be my friends my sisters, my brothers and because Youtube is community and not TV Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below and like and subscribe and most of all is to share this, because sharing is caring… Right?


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